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Irrigation Protection Services, Inc offers a wide variety of services and products to the irrigation field.  Our services include:

  • Emergency repairs/replacements to Pump Stations, of all brands (motors, pumps, controls, hydraulic, suction, PLC, and vertical turbines).
  • Preventative Maintenance (Low/high voltage control panel service, calibration, testing, trending)
  • Control System Updates (Obsolete PLC updates, high voltage control switchgear)
  • Pump Station Sales (assessment, Options, and Installation)
  • Irrigation Control System Repairs/Replacement (Lightning, vandalism, flooding, “golf outing” controller damage emergency repairs)
  • Hand-Held Radio Sales and Service (For remote radio controls or irrigation systems as well as voice communications)
  • Well Meter Monitoring/Recording Devices
  • Central Computer Communication System Service/Repairs
  • Decoder System Repairs
  • Underground Wire Tracking Faults, Breaks and Repair Service
  • Pump House HVAC Service, Repairs, and Upgrades
  • Water Pump Station 101 (Tutorials on Water Pump Station and how to effectively use and manage your station)
  • And More…

Do not hesitate to contact us directly with questions or advice!