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Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club

Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club

In the summer of 2022, Irrigation Protection Services was contracted by Hiawatha Sportsman’s Club in Engadine, MI to install a new control station.  The existing Progammable Logic Controller (PLC) became obsolete in 2012 and all available new/refurbished parts inventory have been depleted since 2019.  In the case of PLC failure, the system would of lost its automation meaning the pumps would need to be manually operated anytime irrigation is required.  In addition to this, the lead time for a replacement would be a minimum of 8 weeks.  Therefore, we installed a new control station rated 625 GPM at 120 PSI. The station also has Watervision Cloud Monitoring, including VFD and EBV technology which allows operations to be monitored remotely via an app on a smart phone.  We would like to thank Mr. Jim Nixon (Board of Directors President), Mr. Douglas Sanborn (General Manager) and Ms. Dee Robideau (CGCS) for trusting us to install their new control station.

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