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Eagle River

Eagle River

In the spring of 2021, Irrigation Protection Services was contracted to install a new pump station at Eagle River Golf Course in Eagle River, WI.  After an inspection, it was observed that the existing horizontal centrifugal suction lift pump station was underperforming as the screen of the intake flume was being plugged on a regular basis.  This was causing a loss of flow to the pumps which in turn caused the station to fault out on low pressure.  This resulted in the stoppage of irrigation at unknown intervals which in turn resulted in poor irrigation.  A new pump station was installed which raised the capacity from an (estimated) 700GPM to 1000 @ 110psi net discharge. The station also has Watervision Cloud Monitoring, including VFD and EBV technology.  We were able to eliminate the existing wet well and draw water from close to the surface of the water by using a flotation suction line going into the channel approximately 20ft from the shore.  We were also able to utilize the existing pump station building with only minor modifications.  We would like to thank Mr. Jeffrey Hyslop (Mayor), Mr. Kyle Anderson (Superintendent) and the City of Eagle River for trusting us with replacing their pump station.

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