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Chulu Vista Resort

Chula Vista Resort

In the spring of 2021, Irrigation Protection Services was contracted by Chula Vista Resort in Wisconisn Dells to install a new Watertronics control cabinet for their pump station.   The onboard Programable Logic Controller (PLC) of the existing Syncroflo station had signs of corrosion that was causing the PLC board to fault out at random set points.  Therefore, the station was out of automation mode and would remain as such due to parts for this PLC no longer being available.  We replaced the new Watertronics control cabinet which returned the pump station to automation mode.  At the same time, we also installed a new 3″ pressure relief valve.  We would like to thank Mr. Mike Kaminski (CEO), and Mr. Clark Rowles (CGSS) for trusting us to bring their pump station back to working order.

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