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Alpine Valley

Alpine Valley

In the summer of 2021, Irrigation Protection Services was contracted by Alpine Valley Resort in Elkhorn, WI to install a new pump station.  After an inspection, it was observed that one of two 75HP motors was inoperable due to age and the casing for second 75HP motor was fractured making it’s failure imminent. A 20HP motor was also severally damaged causing uncontrollable leaking along with a few other operative faults. A new horizontal suction lift station rated for 1500 GPM at 120PSI net discharge was installed. In addition, a “booster” pump station was added at the 140ft level to raise pressure to the upper golf holes. Both stations communicate to each other via Cellular communications and the Superintendent can monitor all operations via the Watervision App on his smartphone. We would like to thank Mr. Mark Williams (superintendent) and Alpine Valley for trusting us with replacing their pump station.

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