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Abbey Springs

Abbey Springs

In the summer of 2021, Irrigation Protection Services was contracted by Abbey Springs Golf Course in Fontana, WI to install new control panel(s) retrofitted to the existing equipment for their irrigation system.  The existing control cabinet had most of its original parts including the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Modicon computer which provides full control and automation for the pump station.  The retro fit included three new Electronic Butterfly Valves (EBV) for the main pumps, plus well pond monitoring and well controls.  These EBV’s serve as surge protection and on the fly backup in case of VFD failure with no loss of irrigation cycles.    We also installed a new control panel retrofitted to the existing equipment at the booster pump station.   Both stations also have Watervision Cloud Monitoring which aids in flow management of the booster station.   We would like to thank Mr. Lance Cotlon (Executive Director), Mr. Lee Suwalski (CGCS) and Mr. Andy Kronwall (Director of Golf) for trusting us to upgrading their main and booster pump stations.

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